War Commander Hex Codes V1.3 (New Version)

War Commander Hex Codes V1.3  (New Version)

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WCHex Codes v1.3  was converted to the latest platform of .NET  Framework 4
Who has not installed the Framework 4 WCHex Codes v1.3 does not work
Download .NET  Framework 4

War Commander Hex Codes V1.3
This program brings together all codes HeX
War Commander game to use cheats with Cheat Engine.
Sharing this and comments.
Use with own risk.

Contains new v1.3:

Add new codes( Rifleman, Heavy Gunner, Mortar Team, Flamethrower, Suicide Bomber, Attack dog, Shock tropper, Collosus, Stinger, Hellstorm, Havoc, Honey badger,Laser Tank, Behemoth, Suicide Truck, Behemoth and more.
icon notification
Organization of codes
bug fix

Copyright © 2013 War Commander Tools and cheats

By Vitamina

Contains V1.2 news:

Added to Time Calculator ( WCalcTime v1.2 )
Add new menus (Set Turret, Unlock Defenses Turret and Others)
New codes added Hex
new features
Added new options in apliacação
Chat now opens directly into the Your browsed
Recently Updated Lists
Improvements apalicaçâo
new Look
Bug fixes

Contains V1.0:

Hex Codes WC
Chat (for exchange  ideas and questions)
You can send your codes
Automatic Update of missing codes
Downloads Videos, Images and Codes
Uploading Images and Codes
List of constructs
And some news War Commander Hex Codes

War Commander Hex Codes V1.3
Este programa que tenta reunir todos os codigos HeX
do jogo War Commander para uso de cheats com Cheat Engine
Usa com conta e risco.

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I can not install or connect the program !!!
This can happen because the computer outdated You
You need to install the following plantaformas official website

Microsoft. NET Framework 4 or more